Friday, January 20, 2012

Let Go of "Bad Gas"

         Everyone knows the awful case of "bad gas."
    The cramps, the spasms, the desperate toilet  runs and the horrendous (but oh-too-satisfying) release of stench. Toxins and whatever nastiness there is moving around our guts can be so discomforting, and whatever bad that comes in, out is should go if you would want a share of some peace of mind (and body).
     Sorry for the analogy but pent-up negative emotions arising from stress, disappointments, resentments, frustrations and all else within that line can pretty much cause a similar (or if not, even worse) discomfort of that of "bad gas."
     And as the "toxins" of the heart and soul continue to build up inside, we are at risk of being volatile: always at the verge of bursting up.The slightest trigger can set us off in a furious frenzy, the smallest ridicule can stumble  us down, the faintest hint of doubt can overshadow our self-worth... and if don't let go, if we don't release ourselves from these pains, we might dangerously end up burning ourselves up and making ourselves feel and look sorry with every bit of good in us spent into a smoldering heap of ashen mess.
     It's a matter of choice. Do you take in the harmful stuffs inside?
     Do you brood over the hurts and let it build up?
   Do you swallow up poisonous thoughts, lies and presumptions to the point of seeing everyone and everything else at their worst?
     Do you harbor dangerous feelings such as animosity, anger and hatred and allow these toxins to bring corrupt every fiber of your being?
     Again, it's a matter of choice and if we be wise, considerate and loving to ourselves and to other people, we should be careful to willingly accept those that bring good to us. It is after all a far cry from being a despicable methane factory, to being a garden of abundance - in life and love - where seeds of God's plans will find suitable ground for growth. 
     Let us therefore be cured. Let us therefore learn not only to take in what the Lord wants us to accept, but to learn as well to let go of those that can do us harm. In doing so, we give way for ourselves to be washed clean from impurities so as to create in the depths of our being a place... a vessel... a home fit for a KING

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