Sunday, February 5, 2012

Calming the Storm in Me


     For us Filipinos, we are all too familiar with the circumstances and scenarios unfolding in the occurrence of a storm. 
     Strong winds. Battering rains. Flash floods. Broken homes. Uprooted trees. Displaced families. People either missing or dead. Prevalence of diseases. Scarcity of basic needs. 
     It is every bit of a tragedy that forces us to become vulnerable. We are, without a choice, stripped away from the safe and stable conditions of a normal life. For those who have suffered the extent of its wrath, it is a nightmare they wished it never came to life.
     And yet the unfortunate events that arise from such a calamity is anything but different from a kind of "storm" that dwells in the depths of our being.
     It is the kind of "storm" that rattles the core of our self-esteem and beliefs, making us feel the same sense of vulnerability. It is the kind of "storm" that engulfs us into this abysmal shadow, taunting us, harassing us, and haunting us with ideas claiming that everything we hold true and good about ourselves will be crippled down. 
     It is the kind of "storm" that bears the towering waves of FEAR, the dark clouds of DOUBT, the heavy rains of "I CAN'Ts" and "WHAT IF's", the startling lightning of LIES and DECEIT, and the terrifying thunder of ANGER, and all other negative emotions. 
     Having to carry all that inside bears so much weight and it pushes our understanding, our beliefs, our grasp of reality, and our treasured goodness out of its place. We become EVACUEES of our inner turmoils; displaced and out of touch from our true selves.
     And in this moment of weakness.
     In this moment of helplessness.
     To whom do we turn to?

      A Savior.
     Someone who will strongly stand by the edge, stoop down, grab a firm hold on us and pluck us out to safety. Someone who will be a pillar of strength. Someone who will take control of the situation, not only to rally the courage that has withered to a dying ember, but to bear his ground and command the "storm": still the swelling tempest of our emotions, quiet the tumult of our hearts and minds, and ease the dissent that poses a threat to the integrity of our being. Someone who will remind us that there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, because the inner "storms" of our lives covers a mere fraction of our perception and understanding, when beyond that lies a bigger light of truth. What is that TRUTH?
     That we are not what our mistakes or frailties dictates or limits us to be.
     That we do not become less of a person because some forces have doubted our worth.
     That we are nothing like the darkness that attempts to corrupt or mislead us.
     Because we were made for so much more.
     Because we were made more than that.
   Because we can become better and that we can transcend from the circumstances that disables us.
     All these are true and possible because we have a SAVIOR... a FRIEND... a SIBLING... a PARENT... a GOD who says so and calms the wind, the rain, the waters and the skies... until we are left with nothing else but PEACE.
    All in the PEACEFUL COMPANY of a watchful and loving JESUS

"He woke up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, 'Quiet! Be still!' The wind ceased and there was great calm. Then he asked them, 'Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?'"  Mark 5:39-40

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