Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Jesus Takes the Wheel

     Life is pretty much like driving a car and cruising along roads, going from one point to another. For the lucky few, I envy them for having an early distinction of where they ought to go: a clear foresight of their aspirations, their goals, and their desired-achievements. But for the rest (and that includes me), going from point A to point B is not as easy as drawing one straight line, since we have no clear idea of what and where point A or point B should be.  I think you can agree with me if I say that living one's life clueless can predispose the person in taking wrong turns along the way, meeting dead ends, getting caught up in roadblocks, ending up stuck in traffic or just basically LOST
     The unfortunate events on the road of our lives are the perfect images of our mistakes, the wrong decisions made, the momentary episodes of stupidity, the lapses of rational thinking and the period of being tactless. These are obviously events that deserve no bragging rights and if we could bury them, we'd bury them further than six feet under!
     Well, it happens! I'd expect you'd be banging your head on either the steering wheel or dashboard for getting yourself in some pit stop of absurdity but in such desperate and helpless times, we end up taking a pause, stare and wonder: "What next?"
     What to do next when your lost in an unfamiliar, unsafe, and uncomfortable place or situation? You have no recollection of the way back and you really want to go back to the road you ought to driving along. 
     Obviously, you've given up and you ask for help.
     You seek for signs, for clues that point to the right direction. But all the more, you seek for a kind soul who will sincerely help you find your way back. 
     Someone who knows the way far better than anyone else in the world, with a distinct memory of all the shortcuts, the alternate routes, and the safest roads.
     Someone who will not only point the direction, but teach you in detail the directions, with all the tips and advices.
     Someone who cares so much as to make it an absolute point that you will reach your destination!
     In the struggles we encounter in life, we do need that "someone" who cares to see us get out of our sticky situations. And in that moment, when all hope seem to have drifted and hitchhiked to god-knows-where, and we are left praying for a little guiding light, here comes this kind "someone" gently rapping on the window and, with a reassuring smile, says:
     "You seem lost, my friend! Let me help you..."
     With a BIG sigh of relief, I would have cried and screamed out: "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! JESUS! Get me out of here please! I am freaking out... help!"
     I'd be expecting my Lord Jesus to be laughing heartily at me and say, "Why are you so freaked out? There is nothing to fear and if you trust me, I will help you."
     And that's the beautiful thing about Jesus! He's not only going to point where the way is or what route to travel on. He's going to get in the car, take the driver's seat and drive for us, and that is by the way with a free educational tour on every life scenery we encounter. In this "driving lesson", he's going to eventually turn over the wheel to us that we learn how to drive our way until we figure out what exactly our destination is. But we will not do this alone! 

     We will soon be taking the wheel, not alone, because Jesus Christ will still be tagging along keeping us company and continuously teaching us. For as long as we allow Him in the course of our lives, trusting His presence and putting every bit of faith into His care, WE WILL NEVER GET LOST!

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